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How can I keep track of my progress academically to ensure that I will graduate in time (3 years for BA and 2 years for MA)?

There are three tools that will help you to keep track of your academic progress: 

(1) SUM Catalog (2) the Curriculum Layout and (3) ABHE.  You may download SUM catalog here and the curriculum layout at

To keep track of your academic progress take the following steps.

1.)    Print a copy of the Academic program you are in. Example: BA in Biblical Studies with concentration in youth ministry. etc. You will find this on pages 30-39 of the Catalog. This document contains a list of the courses you need to take to complete the program.

2.)    Download the curriculum layout  from If you want you may print a copy of the same for future reference. This document will show you the classes that will be offered each trimester the entire 3 years you attend SUM. If you are in the MA program you will only need this document to keep track of the classes you need to take within the 2 years you are with SUM.  Through the aid of the curriculum layout you can plan in advance the classes you will take for a given trimester and academic year.

3.)    Make sure you regularly log in ABHE to check your grades. If you notice a discrepancy in your grades make sure you contact your professor right away so she/he can make the necessary changes to your grade. It is also advisable for you to periodically check with your professor how you are doing in class. To successfully complete an undergraduate degree you must maintain a GPA not lower than 2.0. MA students must maintain a GPA not lower than 2.5.

When in doubt students are also advised to check with their academic advisors. Refer to the chart below to know who your academic adviser is:

1st letter of Student’s last name

Name of Academic Advisor


Ms. Sharon Jimenez


Mr. Mike Savage


Dr. Elsie Cook

NOTE: Final evaluation of your academic records will be done by the Registrar.