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n. What is the tuition refund policy?

Students have the right to cancel the enrollment agreement and obtain a refund of charges through attendance at the first class session, or the seventh day after enrollment, whichever is later.

Unless a student officially withdraws from the college, the student will be charged for the full cost of the term. Any refunds or adjustments must be made using the official forms from the college which are available online. Failure to attend class does not constitute a valid reason for a refund. Federal Refund Distribution Policy may contain different criteria than the Institutional Refund Policy.

After withdrawal calculations (financial aid and institutional) are made to the student’s financial account, a statement will be provided to the student. Withdrawal from all classes or dropping below full time may generate a balance due the college. Any balance due on the student’s account after withdrawal calculations are complete is due and payable. If total payment is impossible, then an active and reasonable payment plan must be implemented immediately. Failure to honor this financial commitment will result in the account being place with a collection agency. Refer to the academic section for academic impacts of withdrawal from classes.

Institutional withdrawal financial calculations are based on the date the authorized withdrawal form is received in the Oakland Business office. A faxed copy is acceptable. If the student has a refund, the Business Office will mail the refund within forty–five (45) days. It is the student’s responsibility to provide the Oakland Business Office with the proper address for mailing the refund. NOTE: Refunds are available on tuition and dormitory charges only. All fees except registration fees are refundable if withdrawal is made before the first day of class. If a student drops all classes after the beginning of the first class day, all other Technology, Directed Research, Library, Parking, Mardi Gras, and Graduation fees charged will be nonrefundable. Tuition and dormitory charges are refundable based on the following schedule.

Refund Schedule

Term Week Percentage Refundable
Week 1 90%
Week 2 70%
Week 3 50%
Week 4 30%
Week 5 10%
Week 6-11 0%

No refunds will be issued after the fifth week of class.

If a student attends class at least once, the refund schedule comes into effect.

If a student is involuntarily withdrawn for academic reasons through the Servant of All Evaluation process after the start of classes, the student will receive a full refund.