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Career Loans for Graduate Students

The School of Urban Missions (SUM) is currently under WASC regional accreditation.  Once this is approved (projected for the 2019-20 academic year), SUM will be happy to provide its graduate or Master’s seeking students with the Federal Direct Stafford Unsubsidized or Graduate PLUS Student Loans.

In the interim, Master’s degree-seeking students needing financial assistance may apply for a private career loan from one of the below lenders by clicking on the link and completing the application instructions:

SallieMae Career Training Loan

Discover Private Student Loan

A credit check or cosigner may be required.  Interest rates and repayment options will also differ from that of the Federal Direct student loan program so please read your private loan disclosure statement carefully.

The SUM Office of Financial Aid will also need to electronically certify your enrollment prior to the loan being approved.  Please email the Office of Financial Aid at once you have completed the online private loan application.  This will assist in expediting the funds you may be eligible to receive.

As with all financial aid programs, please apply EARLY!  Please allow up to four weeks for processing.