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BAUN is a non-profit organization that is made up of two ministries. Points of Light, a youth ministry for ages 12-20 and Mighty Blaze, a children's ministry for ages 3-11. Together, Points of Light and Mighty Blaze are leading the city of Oakland, California to God! The program consists of six pillars which are our dynamic Friday night youth & Saturday morning children’s services, campus clubs, outreaches, visitations, fellowship groups, and leadership camps. Each week our Directors reach anywhere from 500-1,000 children and youth throughout the city. We have recently added a young adults program for ages 17-25 as a way to help those transitioning out of high school and into college or career. This is a great addition to the lives we are already touching.

Visionary Leadership


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Krislyn was raised in Cupertino, CA. At the age of 13 she started going on missions trips to inner cities of Los Angeles and New York. She developed a passion for inner city ministry. On one of these trips she heard about SUM Bible College and Theological Seminary and the vision of school matched this passion that God was growing in her. She applied, got in, and started school 6 weeks later. 2 ½ years into school she felt God calling her to Points of Light and a few months later she started Mighty Blaze. In January 2017, after 6 years in the ministry, she became the Executive Director of Points of Light and Mighty Blaze.

Cohort Advisor


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Mark grew up in a ministry family and within the AOG, with pastoral ministries on both sides of his family. He is originally from La Porte, Texas, close to the Houston Bay Area, a small suburb outside of Houston, Texas. His passion is to bring children/youth/young adults into their identity in Christ, unlock their purpose and release them into the vision that God has for their lives. He is very multifaceted, working in very diverse areas of work from Electrician to High School Percussion Director. He has served the church faithfully, leading worship teams, youth leadership teams, as well as serving as Youth Pastor and Discipleship/Life Group Coach. After a recent move over the summer and with specific direction from the Lord, He is currently serving as the Cohort Advisor for SUM Oakland alongside ministries such as Points of Light and Mighty Blaze under the covering of Bay Area Urban Network.



Bay Area Urban Network
Oakland, CA

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Launched: Winter 2017-18

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