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At The Assembly Hot Springs, you will find grace and find that your family is bigger than you think! Feel welcome to come as you are and discover a Pentecostal experience in a super charged atmosphere of love.

Here is what sets The Assembly Hot Springs apart: 

  • Dynamic Worship
  • Pentecostal Preaching
  • Cutting Edge Services

Visionary Leadership


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Mike Mason surrendered to the call of ministry over two decades ago. He and Alicia met and married in Hot Springs, while he was on staff as Youth Pastor at NPAG (then, Central Assembly). At the time, both felt a strong call to this church, as well as to the city of Hot Springs where they hoped to one day lead the Body as Senior Pastors. 

Serving outstanding leaders, in both Louisiana and Pennsylvania, Mike and Alicia grew in leadership ability, experience, and heart for ministry, never ceasing to pray for their home town or the church they loved so much. Glory to God! In June of 2006, the Masons were voted as Lead Pastors of NPAG and were HOME! The vision of the house has been caught and taught to love extravagantly, give sacrificially, go willingly, and serve selflessly and many have discovered that their family truly is bigger than they think!


Cohort Advisor


USA - AR - Hot Springs - Cohort Advisor - Caitlin Sandage

Caitlin recognized the Call of God into ministry in Jr. High School, when she felt prompted to reach her school campus as a Campus Missionary. As her anointing to lead students developed, Caitlin knew this drive and desire would be a life-long pursuit. Serving SUM in a Cohort Advisory capacity is an organic expansion of this ministry and she is excited to follow God's leading. She has been a Credentialed Minister with the Assemblies of God for six years and has held the position of Youth Pastor at two churches during that time. Previously, internship and involvement in various ministries with The Assembly Hot Springs included youth and evangelism, girls ministry, multiple outreaches, and extensive administrative responsibilities. Caitlin has had the highly sought opportunity to be mentored by Jeanne Mayo; completing the Cadre Mentoring Program, for which she now serves on Jeanne's Alliance Facilitator Team; empowering others with a heart for student ministries. She also serves on the AR Youth Alive Coaching Team, coaching students at bootcamp events on how to effectually evangelize their school campuses.

Caitlin has her Associate of Arts degree from National Park Community College and has studied Psychology and Counseling but is now seeking her Bachelors of Science in Biblical studies here at SUM.



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