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Bethany Theological Seminary is a cohort of SUM Bible College and Theological Seminary, fully-accredited and is training men and women to proclaim Christ throughout the cities of our world! While preparing for ministry at Bethany Theological Seminary, you will receive academic excellence, practical hands-on ministry, and transformational mentorship.

Bethany Theological Seminary is also a part of greater family of “Bethany” Slavic Missionary Church. This is the biggest International (more then 21 nationalities) Russian and English-speaking church in U.S. with more than 7,000 attending the church.

Here is what sets Bethany Theological Seminary apart:

  • International and Multicultural Ministry Involvement.
  • Hands-on training in: Evangelism/Missionary Training, Children’s Ministry, Youth Ministry, Media Ministry.
  • Different types of ministry experiences that only a mega church could provide.

Visionary Leadership


Pavel Bondaruk.png

Pavel Bondaruk is the lead pastor of Bethany Bible School. He was born in Ukraine and raised in Estonia. In 1988 at the age 19, emigrated to US with his family. Together with his wife Valentina he’s raising four kids, Mark, Alan, Emanuela, Samantha. Pavel is in ministry for more than 18 years. He has been involved in missionary work in South America and Eastern Europe. For the last 12 years he serves as pastor in Bethany Slavic Missionary Church. “Jesus Christ is not my source of motivation. He is my Salvation.” Pavel’s passion is to inspire, educate and equip young people to serve the Lord.

Cohort Advisor


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Lena Bondaruk has recently moved to Sacramento California from Seattle Washington where she worked as a secretary and personal assistant to senior pastor at City on a Hill Church. Lena has graduated from a 4 year Slavic Bible College in Tacoma, Washington and in 2013, graduated from Slavic Missionary Bible School after which she went on missions to Ukraine. Lena was a part of International Ministry of Charity Emmanuel, a non-profit international ministry under which she co-led missionary trips to Mexico. She married Ben Bondaruk in November of 2015 who is also involved in Bethany Bible School.  Lena is passionate about helping others achieve their goals in Christian education.




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