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Velma Moore Calhoun Bible College and Theology cohort, located in Lakeland, Georgia, operates in partnership with SUM Bible College and Theological Seminary to enhance the distance education that SUM provides. SUM is a fully accredited Bible College that is training men and women to proclaim Christ throughout the cities of our world! At the VMC Bible College and Theological Seminary cohort you will be able to gather with like-minded SUM students in a dynamic classroom environment while fulfilling the SUM experiential ministry and spiritual training requirements via the practical hands-on ministry training and transformational mentorship provided by Gateway to Heaven United Holiness Church,.

Here is what sets Gateway to Heaven United Holiness Church apart:

  • Dynamic leadership training
  • Spirited filled Praise and Worship
  • Intercessory Prayer
  • Community Outreach
  • Youth Ministry
  • Women's Ministry
  • Empowering Bible Studies

Visionary Leadership



Bishop Otis Lee Calhoun is the Overseer and Founder of The Gateway to Heaven United Holiness Church, Inc., located in Lakeland, Georgia. Bishop Calhoun acknowledged the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Savior in 1976 and began his work as a minister in the body of Christ in 1981. Bishop Calhoun graduated from Lanier County High School in 1977 and married the love of his life in 1978, the Late Pastor-Evangelist-First Lady Velma M Calhoun. From their union, they birthed two health children, Omega and Melinee Calhoun.

Bishop Calhoun attended and graduated from Valdosta Technical Institute with a degree in
automotive technology. Following graduation, Bishop Calhoun open his own automotive mechanic business. Bishop Calhoun currently serves as a City Councilman in Lakeland, GA and has served in such capacity for the past 26 years. Of the 26 years as Lakeland City Councilman, he has also served as Mayor Protem for 8 years and Police Commissioner for 12 years. In 1991, Bishop Calhoun accepted an opportunity in Adel, GA to be the Pastor of Mt Zion Spiritual Body Church of God in Christ. He preceded over the organization until his departure in 1995, and he began the church body now known as The Gateway to Heaven.

Initially, the church had 13 members and was located on Elm Street in Adel, Ga. After much growth, Bishop Calhoun made the decision to move the church to his hometown of Lakeland, GA, where it now stands. The Gateway to Heaven UHC, Inc. has certainly grown both in number and spiritually under the tutelage of Bishop Calhoun. Bishop Calhoun’s First Lady was called home to be with the Lord on December 8, 2012, but rather than allow this to destroy is faith and commitment to God, Bishop Calhoun uses his loss as a growth experience to push him higher and closer to the Lord. 


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