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SUM Slidell

SUM Slidell’s cohort, located in Slidell, Louisiana, operates in partnership with SUM Bible College and Theological Seminary to enhance the distance education that SUM provides. SUM is a fully accredited Bible college that is training men and women to proclaim Christ throughout the cities of our world! At SUM Slidell you will be able to gather with like-minded SUM students in a dynamic classroom environment while fulfilling the SUM experiential ministry and spiritual training requirements via the practical hands-on ministry training and transformational mentorship provided by SUM Slidell.

Here is what sets SUM Slidell apart:

  • Spiritual Development

  • Community Outreach

  • Homeless Ministry Outreach

  • Leadership Development

  • Church Planting Experience

  • Pastoral Mentorship

  • Small Group Leadership Training

  • Exciting Children's & Youth Ministry

Visionary Leadership



Doug McAllister is the founder and lead pastor of Journey Fellowship Church located in Lacombe, Louisiana, 30 miles outside New Orleans. Journey has grown from 19 original Bible study members to a congregation of 1500 believers and was awarded the Church Health Award by Rick Warren in 2001. Journey’s facilities were completely destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in August 2005. The following Sunday 75 church members met in the parking lot of its former building.

For the next 33 months the church went mobile, meeting in 17 different locations as they rebuilt the congregation and served their community in rebuilding efforts. Journey dedicated its new campus on March 16, 2008. In 2008 Journey also planted a new church in the Ninth Ward of New Orleans. The Ninth Ward was the site of the levee break in New Orleans and one of the most devastated areas of the city. In 2009 Journey sponsored a church plant in Cleveland Ohio.

Journey Community Church is already a thriving congregation of nearly 1000 believers meeting on 2 campuses. Journey Fellowship Church supports church planting efforts all over the globe, sponsors missionary partners on college campuses and sends short term teams to the nations each year. Journey had nearly 100 Small Groups during its last semester and has 380 leaders serving on its X-team. Doug McAllister is an ordained pastor with the Assemblies of God. He has served as the presbyter of the Northlake Section of the Louisiana District Council and on the Assemblies of God of Louisiana District Board.Doug has travelled to many nations speaking at churches and pastors’ conferences including Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Honduras, Indonesia, Holland, Germany and the Philippines.

Doug is an Associate Trainer with Equip. Until recently, he was assigned to the Philippines. His new assignment is Shanghai, China. Doug is also a life coach, serving leaders from many different professions. Among his clients are pastors, business people, medical professionals and government leaders. Doug was born in the small town of Amite City, Louisiana in 1962 and became a follower of Jesus on July of 1978 at the age of 15. He married his high school sweetheart, Rachel, on June 21, 1981. They have 5 children and reside in Slidell on the north shore of New Orleans. Doug is an avid reader and a huge, life-long fan of the New Orleans Saints.


Cohort Advisor


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Jennifer Chartier and her husband have been married for 20 years and have 3 children. They live in Slidell, Louisiana and have been a part of Journey Fellowship Church since June of 2006, shortly after Hurricane Katrina. Al and Jenn both earned B.A.s in Biblical Studies with SUM in 2015 and are currently on staff with Journey. They love to help people grow in their knowledge of Jesus and experience His saving grace.  



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