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The SUM Bangor cohort, located in Bangor, Maine, operates in partnership with SUM Bible College and Theological Seminary to enhance the distance for education that SUM provides. SUM is a fully accredited Bible College that is training men and women to proclaim Christ thought the cities of our world! At the SUM Bangor cohort you will be able to gather with like-minded SUM students in a dynamic classroom environment while fulfilling the SUM experiential ministry and spiritual training requirements via the practical hand-on ministry training and transformational mentorship provided by CityReach.

CityReach Bangor exists to reach the one who is far from God and help them become a passionate follower of Jesus Christ.

What sets SUM Bangor apart is the opportunities you will have to apply what you’re learning into everyday life.

Every week we have: 

  • Discipleship Opportunities
  • Drug / Alcohol Recovery Houses

  • Youth Ministry

  • Prayer Nights

  • Urban Street Ministry

  • Worship

  • Children’s Ministry

  • Media

Visionary Leadership


Pastor Bobby planted CityReach Church Bangor on April 6th, 2014. He sold everything he had and invested it into saving the lives of drug addicts and alcoholics and from that step of faith God has created a great ministry. He invested into a mission to reach the one who is far from God, and to help them become passionate followers of Jesus Christ, and is still investing into that mission today.

He is the faithful husband of Jade, and is the Father of four amazing children. Pastor Bobby is known for his ambition, his faith, his confidence in Christ and his ability to empower leaders to make disciples.


Cohort Advisor



Seth has been serving as the Worship Leader and Youth Pastor at CityReach Bangor for 3 years. His desire is to make disciples who make disciples, to help cultivate the gifts that God has given students, and to ultimately see God move in the lives of those entrusted to him. Seth is passionate about the word of God which drives him to see students educated and empowered by it, all so we can know God deeper, and see a generation radically impacted by the Gospel. Seth is the faithful husband of Katie, and a soon to be Father to a son.



SUM Bangor
CityReach Church Bangor
663 Stillwater Ave.
Bangor, ME 04401 

Phone: 207-404- 6744