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Federal Student Aid ID

After May 10 all students, parents, and borrowers are required to use an FSA ID, made up of a username and password, to access certain U.S. Department of Education websites. Your FSA ID is used to confirm your identity when accessing your financial aid information and electronically signing your federal student aid documents. Your FSA ID will replace your PIN as the way to confirm your identity when accessing your financial aid information through the Department of Education websites. When logging into these websites, you will be required to enter only your FSA ID username and password.
If you are a parent of a dependent student, you will need your own FSA ID if you want to sign your child's FAFSA electronically. If you have more than one child attending college, you can use the same FSA ID to sign all applications. Please note: Each FSA ID user must have a unique e-mail address.
IMPORTANT: If you already have a PIN be sure to link your PIN to your FSA ID to begin using the FSA ID immediately. If you do not link it to your PIN you will have to wait 1 – 3 days before you can begin using the FSA ID.
Your FSA ID is used to sign legally binding documents electronically. It has the same legal status as a written signature. Don't give your FSA ID to anyone - sharing your FSA ID could put you at risk of identity theft!
To create a FSA ID click on the link:  You will need:

  • A valid email address
  • A unique user name and password
  • Verify you are at least 13 years or older
  • Personal information
  • Social security number and date of birth
  • Provide answers to 5 challenge questions
  • Agree to terms and conditions
  • Verify your email address (By verifying your email address, you can use your email address as your username when logging into certain Department of Education websites)

*Remember to record your FSA ID username and password somewhere as SUM is not able to retrieve this information for you.

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