(Applies to the main campus students only in Oakland, CA.)

SUM is permitted by Homeland Security to issue I-20s; however, the United States embassy have the final authority for issuance. SUM does not provide English training for international students who lack the English language skills required to pass the TOEFL (see item three below). SUM will assist the international student secure his or her I-20, but the student is responsible for all financial requirements and fees. 

According to the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement:

  • Nonimmigrant students must enroll in a full course of study each session in order to maintain status.
    • Undergraduate studies — 12 credit hours per session
    • Post graduate studies and seminaries — 9 credit hours per term
  • Students may count no more than the equivalent of one class, or three credits, of online or distance-learning courses per session toward the full course of study.

If an International Students wants to pursue a degree with SUM from within the United States, he or she go full-time, 9 credits per trimester living at the main campus in Oakland, CA. More details can be found on Student and Exchange Visitor Program's Student Process Steps.

Additionally, International students are required to meet all admissions standards for SUM and the following additional requirements:

  • Submit an annual financial certification showing financial sponsorship for the duration of the academic program.
  • International students, in order to be considered for admission to SUM, must first apply to a Bible college within their own country. A copy of that application must accompany the SUM application.
  • International students for whom English is not their native language are required to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and submit their scores to the Admissions Office. A score of at least 550 is required for admission. All students who have not completed English 101 (Composition I) are required to take the English placement exam at the SUM campus. Those students needing remedial work are required to complete English Foundations before enrolling in English Composition I.
  • International transfer students must provide evidence of good standing from any previous college in order to transfer to SUM.
  • Notification must be made to the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service concerning of any change of an international student’s status.
  • Submit payment in U.S. dollars to cover full costs of the first academic year before an I-20 form is issued. The estimated cost of the first year for a full-time, campus resident is $20,499. The cost for a full-time student who does not reside in the dorm is $34,299 or 19,044 if the students lives with a sponsor or family member
  • International students who are married must be accompanied by his or her spouse. Minor children of married couples must accompany their parents to Oakland, CA, United States.
  • International students must maintain at least 9 credits each term.

If the student applicant agrees to all of the above, and has generally been accepted to SUM, please fill out the Supplemental Form for I-20 Request. If you need help with the form's fields, take a look at the Help Page.