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Learning Outcomes

The following learning outcomes come from the Academics chapter in the 2017-18 Catalog.

Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies

  1. The student will acquire knowledge specializing in biblical studies.
  2. The student will acquire knowledge specializing in effective Christian ministry.
  3. The student will integrate broad knowledge in general education for a Christian worldview.
  4. The student will demonstrate critical thinking skills to resolve issues in contemporary culture through the five-fold ministries of the Church.
  5. The student will cultivate through spiritual formation convictions, desires, and passions to demonstrate the love of Jesus to people in varied cultures and worldviews.

Master of Arts in Christian Leadership

  1. Biblical Integration: Develop and implement biblically valid models of leadership and evaluate present situations in light of biblical understanding. [Professional]
  2. Theological Thinking: Embrace sound theology in practical ministry in different contexts in leadership expression and application. [Knowledge; Content]
  3. Theoretical Engagement: Adapt leadership theory to their Five-fold ministry context with evaluation of the Christian principles within particular leadership theories. [Critical Thinking]
  4. Social Responsibility: Grasp the principle of the diversity of the Spirit's operation and, consequently, value humility and cooperation with the various Five-Fold callings and communities that provide the complements and contexts for ministry. [Ethical]
  5. Spiritual Formation: Model the growth process with grace through mission, spiritual disciplines, mentoring, and balanced living. [Communication]

Master of Arts in Biblical Studies

  1. Students exhibit broad knowledge of data relevant to biblical studies
  2. Students interpret scripture with theological and academic rigor using appropriate interpretive methodology
  3. Students reflect biblical principles in personal spiritual growth
  4. Students integrate Scripture in practical ministry appreciating the roles within the Five-Fold ministry as Great Commission Christians
  5. Students effectively present the full gospel respecting the local context for the purpose of making disciples through biblical principles

Master of Divinity

  1. Spiritual and Disciple Making Formation - To provide moral leadership by modeling and mentoring Christian character and practices of missions, evangelism, discipleship, and church growth.
  2. Servant and Worship Leadership - To serve churches effectively through team ministry
  3. Biblical Exposition - To interpret and communicate the Bible accurately.
  4. Christian Theological Heritage - To understand and interpret Christian theological heritage and Assemblies of God polity for the church.
  5. Interpersonal Skills - To perform pastoral care effectively, with skills in communication and conflict management.



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