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Main Campus - El Dorado Hills

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SUM Bible College and Theological Seminary is a fully accredited Bible college and seminary that is training men and women to proclaim Christ throughout the cities of our world!  The main campus is located in El Dorado Hills, CA and is the premier training ground for any type of ministry.  Education on-campus will empower you to travel to any place in the world and effectively proclaim the Kingdom of God.  

Campus Life

    •    Face to Face Classroom Experience
    •    Life-Changing Chapels
    •    World Class Facilities & Student Residence Life
    •    Healing Crusades
    •    City Wide Outreaches
    •    Ethnic Diversity
    •    City-Reaching Practicum
    •    Internship Opportunities with Thriving Churches

Physical Address

SUM Bible College and Theological Seminary
1107 Investment Blvd, Suite 290
El Dorado Hills, CA 95762

Online Cohorts

SUM’s unique distance education leverages the Internet to provide live, two-way classroom interaction. For the best educational ministry experience, SUM partners with local churches to organize study groups that voluntarily meet at locations provided by ministries around the world. These “cohorts” provide the necessary facilities and equipment to engage with world-class professors around the world and participate in lively discussions with fellow Christians. SUM’s students are encouraged to participate in the sponsoring cohort site’s ministry to integrate their academic learning with their experiential ministry requirements. To view a full list of cohorts, please visit our Cohort List page

More Information

For more information, please contact our Enrollment Office at (510) 567-6174.