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What is the difference between Christian service, practicum and internship?

Christian Service is implemented under SUM’s Servant of all (SOA) program. Each full time SOA student is to complete 20 hours of Christian service per trimester which is a graduation requirement. BA students must complete a total of 9 trimesters service of Christian service in order to graduate. Students will be assigned a Christian Service each trimester during registration by the Dean of Student Life or by the Cohort Advisor. For more information on practicum see page 13 of the Student Handbook.

The Practicum is a “hands on” opportunity to minister the Gospel to someone by various means and methods. Practicum is about the Praxis of Ministry as opposed to the Theory of Ministry. It is a systematic attempt to train students to apply in real life what they are learning in the classroom. A practicum meets 4 hours and one credit is earned per trimester, per practicum. For more information on practicum see pages 54-77 of the Student Handbook.

Internship provides practical field work, emphasizing relational and servant-leadership ministry skills under the joint supervision of an experienced Leader/Minister and SUM. For more information on internships see pages 78-110 of the Student Handbook.