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How do I register for a directed study?

  1. Find a teacher who is qualified and willing to do directed study with you.
  2. Complete an add drop slip from then print a copy.
  3. Get the teacher to sign the slip
  4. Submit slip to the Registrar’s office.

Important: Make sure you add the suffix DR to the code of the class you are doing a directed study on. Example:  MIS3323.DR

There is a $300 fee for each directed study.

In a situation where a student has transferred from another college, Directed Research may be available to make up any deficiencies in credits ($100 per credit in addition to normal tuition). Any requests for Directed Research must be made in writing to the academic affairs committee for consideration. Directed Research must be approved by the academic affairs committee before a directed project can begin. The student has 12 weeks to complete the Directed Research project. In the event of a failure to complete the project in the allotted time, the student must request an extension of time. The student will be required to pay an additional fee to continue the project. Since a uniform educational experience is achieved through a consistent classroom curriculum, Directed Research projects tend to interrupt the normal educational process.