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Students who have been disqualified from receiving financial aid due to failure to meet SAP requirements may appeal that decision by completing the SAP Appeal. Please follow the following guidelines in completing the appeal.

Appeal Guidelines

  • Before completing and submitting this appeal, review the SAP Standards Financial Aid to ensure you have met the necessary requirements. Lack of knowledge of the SAP Standards will not be grounds for the approval of an appeal.
  • Be specific when explaining your circumstances. Lack of information will result in a delay of an appeal review, or may result in a denial of your appeal. If there were problems in your physical or mental health that played a role in your circumstances, please attach supporting documentation from a doctor, counselor, or hospital (if no documentation is available, be sure to explain in the appeal).
  • Do not discuss your need for financial aid in your appeal, as this is not a valid reason for approval of an appeal.
  • Complete all items on the appeal form. Incomplete appeals will delay decisions; the appeal form is 2 pages (not including this cover sheet). If you have questions about completing the appeal form, please contact the Financial Aid Office.

Appeal Procedure

  1. Complete the SAP Appeal Form
  2. Review the SAP Plan
  3. Submit documentation of extenuating circumstance (if applicable)
  4. Submit a letter signed by an advisor outlining a plan to remedy grades
  5. Review of Appeals may take up to three weeks. You will be notified via email of the decision of the Appeals Committee
  6. If your appeal is approved, you will be expected to adhere to the plan outlined below

Appeal Requirements

(Undergraduate / Bachelor Degree candidates)

  1. Signed and completed Financial Aid Probation Appeal Form.
    (which includes a description of the extenuating circumstances that led to the financial aid disqualification (examples: illness, injury, family emergency etc.), as well as the steps you have taken for future success (using a tutor, medical assistance, counseling, etc.).

  2. Completed plan outlining how you intend to complete the program within the established guidelines.