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Master’s Symposiums

2014 - “Spiritual Formation”

Kristen Smith (MACL, 2014) - "The Practice of Spiritual Leadership"

Joey Le (M.Div., 2011) - "Suffering, Formation, Rescue: Suffering as a Spiritual Formation"

Beatrice Desimoni (MABS, 2014) - "Spiritual Formation: The Journey Here and Now from Monotonous to Magnamonious"

Bryan Darrell (MA, 1996) - "Spiritual Formation Themes in Corinthians: What Were They thinking?"

Gina Johnson (MACL, 2014) - "Preparing for Spiritual Formation in a Distressed Community"

Bruce Coats (PhD, 2012) - "Social Network and Spiritual Formation"


2013 - “Leadership Challenges in the 21st Century”

Justus Freeman (MABS, 2014) - "Effectively Leading Culturally Traditional Church to Transform into a Culturally Relevant Church"

Rigo Magaña (MAOL, 2013) - "A Winning Coach"

Melody Espinosa (MAOL, 2013) - "The Challenges Facing Ministerial Families in the 21st Century"

Jason Jackson (MAOL, 2013) - "Leading Cross Generationally; Managing Generational Differences through Shift Leadership Theory"

Karen Benitez (MAOL, 2013)- "The Impact of Cross-cultural Challenges in Leadership: Integrating Culture, Traditions, and Modern Methods into a Leadership Kaleidoscope"