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How do I view the corrections my professor made on the paper I submitted on SUMoodle via Turnitin?

To view your grade and the corrections your professor made on your paper please follow the following instructions:

1. Login to SUMoodle
2. Go to my course and select the course you want to view grade on. Ex. THE 1123
3. Click on name of the assignment which grade you want to view. Ex. reflection paper 2
4. Click on My Submissions and view your grade

To view the corrections on your paper do the following:

1. After step 4, Click on the red apple icon next to your grade and wait until Turnitin document viewer uploads.
2. ON the upper left corner of your page you will see the following tabs: Originality, Grademark; Peer Mark. Click Grademarkand make sure it is on blue highlight.
3. Scroll down to view corrections. Click on the blue correction boxes to reveal comments.
4. Close Turnitin Document Viewer after you're done.

NOTE: Aside from the corrections your professor made on paper, it is possible that your professor also left a few additional comments/feedback on some of your papers. You will know if your professor left additional feedback on your paper by looking at the column labeled “comments” right next to your grade.

  • A (0) entry means your professor did not leave additional feedback for you.
  • A (1) entry means your professor left additional feedback for you. Click on the number “1” to view your professor’s comment.