How can I obtain my Unofficial Transcript?

Unofficial Transcripts are free and available for students. 

  1. Log on to
  2. Click "Student"
  3. Click "My Courses"
  4. Click "My Degree Audit"
  5. Select the Enrolled Program
  6. View your Degree Audit (a.k.a. Unofficial Transcript)

Since your Degree Audit displays the courses you've taken, and the grades that you earned, it serves as an 'unofficial transcript.' You are able to print or save this page as PDF.

Visual Tutorial: CampusSIS - How to Obtain an Unofficial Transcript as a Student

How to Request an Official Transcript

If you need an sealed, official transcript sent to you or an institution, then please go to, and click "Transcript Request Form."
Your first request is free; subsequent requests are $10.