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How can I obtain my Unofficial Transcript?

Students who have access to CampusVue Student Portal may obtain their unofficial transcript by going to portal.sum.eduNote: If a student does not have a CampusVue Student Portal account, please Create an Account after clicking "Student Portal."

  1. Go to CampusVue Student Portal, then click Student Portal Homepage. 
  2. Log in with Username and Password
  3. Click Academics
  4. Click Degree Audit
  5. Click Unofficial Transcript
  6. View the downloaded PDF

Note: Without a signature and a seal from the Registrar, the transcript is still considered only "Unofficial." 


Visual Tutorial: CampusVue Student Portal - How to Obtain a Student's Unofficial Transcript

How to Request an Official Transcript

If a student needs a signed and sealed official transcript, please go to, and click "Transcript Request Form."
Your first request is free; subsequent requests are $10. 
The official transcript can be sent to an individual or an institution.