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What if I don't see the classes I expected to transfer, reflected on my ABHE record?

 There are many reasons for this.

  1. The student took the class but they received a grade lower than a C.
  2. The student's transcript does not reflect that they "actually took the class" which they wanted to transfer to SUM.
  3. SUM never received the student's transcript due to the use of a wrong or insufficient address.  

It is also extremely helpful if the student informs SUM via email that they have requested a transcript from another school. It is best if students give SUM some kind of documentation which confirms that a transcript has been requested from another institution. We ask this because in many cases SUM is completely unaware that it should be expecting a transcript on the behalf of a particular student.

There are various unique scenarios so we ask that you communicate first with your designated advisor. Our Registrar can also be asked via regarding transcript matters.