Undergraduate Degree

Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies
Goal To equip students for effective ministry through academic instruction combined with hands-on ministry and personal mentorship that help students attain a fundamental grounding in Biblical Studies.
Completion Time 3 years
Tuition Per Credit $260
Full Time Status 10 credits
Credits Required 139
  1. Church Planter
  2. Global Missionary
  3. Prophetic Office
  4. Evangelistic Office
  5. Church Revivalist
  6. Pastoral Ministry
  7. Youth Ministry
  8. Christian Scholar
  9. Christian Educator
  10. Worship Studies
Admissions Requirement
  • High School Graduate or GED
  • 2.0 GPA minimum


Undergraduate Concentrations

Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies 

  1. Church Planter - For those called to pioneer new local churches
  2. Global Missionary - For those called to reach people cross-culturally in foreign nations
  3. Prophetic Office - For those called to be a mouthpiece for God, speaking His truth to the Church and the world
  4. Evangelistic Office - For those called to preach and proclaim the Gospel, resulting in lost people coming to Christ
  5. Church Revivalist - For those called to restore God’s power to the Church, resulting in significant moral and cultural transformation within a community
  6. Pastoral Ministry - For those called to shepherd and lead a congregation to spiritual maturity.
  7. Youth Ministry - For those called to shepherd youth and children to reach a generation for Christ
  8. Christian Scholar - For those called to the pursuit and defense of Christian truth in an academic setting, typically leading to a terminal degree
  9. Christian Educator - For those called to lead and strengthen the teaching and discipleship process within the local church

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